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About Us

Who we are?

We are a foundation (Social Economy Enterprise) existing since 2020. We create websites and online shops. We also work on visual identification, internet marketing, publicity materials and company gadgets printing also stamps and plates carving. That means that we do everything what is necessary to keep your business in progress. We also provide computer, Microsofot Office and safety effective internet using courses for young people and seniors.

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Why Us?

Why Us?

Jesteśmy fundacją (Przedsiębiorstwem Ekonomii Społecznej) działającą od 2020 roku.
Zajmujemy się tworzeniem stron i sklepów internetowych, identyfikacją wizualną i marketingiem internetowym, a także wydrukiem materiałów reklamowych i gadżetów firmowych oraz grawerunkiem: pieczątek, zawieszek, tabliczek - niezbędnych do funkcjonowania Twojego biznesu.
Prowadzimy także szkolenia dla młodzieży szkolnej i seniorów z obsługi komputera, obsługi pakietu Office i bezpiecznego oraz skutecznego poruszania się w sieci Internet.

We are flexible and creative...


Our websites are responsive. They do adjust to every kind of screen to be shown on. They keep clear, fresh and visual attractive. Graphics designed by us matches your needs and it is linked with general content of website. That will be your and your customers satifaction warranty.

Unique design.

We propose unique design. That contains visual attractive graphics, colours matched with visual identity of your business. The content of website is exactly dedicated to your customers and shows them more than proper informations about your goods or services.

Simplife of usage.

We take care about this that created by us websites and online shops contain intuitive in usage content management (CMS). That will give you possibility of quick and independent update to them. That also keeps them clear and friendly in use to any customers on any item.

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